Monday, April 11, 2011

Pedrinho- He is a curious and dreamy boy. He has short, blod hair and brown eyes. He is child, thin and tall, very smart, astute, adventurous and cool. He normally wears blue or pink t-shirt, gray pants and shoes.

Maria Carolina nº22

Nathalia nº23


Visconde's mad scientist,writer,obsever.he wears glasses,a green hat,green and yellow clothes,has a golden hair,has a beard and wears gloves to be able to tinks their experiences. He is tall and thin. he loves to write and is afiad of Emilia

Daniela n°5 7°G

Narizinho- She is a curious child, with the nose snub. She has brown eyes, short, curly hair. She wears a flowered dress, she wears tiara in her hair and she wears shoes. She is very smart, intellingent, cool, cute and thin.

Maria Carolina nº22

Nathalia nº23

Dona Benta

Dona Benta is a very calm and quiet, she's a tall person but she has a week memory. She's likes to make clothes from wool.

She has on older age and is not to skinny and has long hair and white.

Fernanda N°11 7°G


Narizinho is very frendly she she always is patiente and she loves to playing . Narizinho plain girl with brown hair , black eyes and a cury hair she's very thin she sometimes wears a dress and sometimes she wears a t-shirt , pants , she wears shoes and tiaras . She has a good imagination and she's courious , but she is very pensive . Eduardo n:6 felipe 9
Pedrinho is curious, creative, quick, memorabla, modest, smart, pleaset, sweet, fishing, babbler, playful and infuriating. He wears short, t-shirt and overalls. He's short, young and braw hair. pedro galeti andrade

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dona Benta

Dona Benta is the grandmother of Narizinho and Pedrinho. She tecnicky of Visconde and Emília. She wears a long and white dress everyone loves when she tells histories. She likes making ''kinniting''.

Sítio do picapau amarelo - Tia Nastácia

Tia Nastácia is a very good coooker(everybody loves her foods) , she is a little bit angry and old and she hates confusion in her kitchen.

She wears a yellow apron and a red band in the head.

Tia Nastácia is a little bit fat, a black person, her hair and her eyes are brown, she has a curly hair.

Rennan, 30, 7°G

pedrinho pedrão....

pedrinho is very younger and smart he always plays with Narizinho and Emília. Has straith blond hair and ligth brown eyes, he´s always with Saci and Visconde, makes many jokes together.He´s so funny! Play is the most important thing for them.They eats great food from Dona Benta and Tia nastácia.... Luisa Rey N°21


Pedrinho is a nice boy.He is happy, friedly, aventurer and courageous.He is a grandson of the Dona Benta.

He lives in the big city, but in the summer time he goes to Sitio Do Pica Pau Amarelo for funy.There he play diverses banker.

He has brown hair.He wear a t-shit, short, cap and shoes.

Victor Casimiro Gonçalves nº31 7ºG

Vitor Thomaz da Cruz n º34 7ºG


Visconde is a cob. Strange has a red and curly hair and a skin some red too. His clothes are a green hat and shirts and pants red. He is very smart and pacient. He has a lot of ideas to new things on Sitio do Pica-Pau Amarelo. Always, with his pacient give advice for any body. One more time thanks for read. XOXO. Rebecca (n°28) , Raquel (nº27) , and Ana Luiza (n°02) !!!

Dona Benta

Dona Benta wear brown dress and a white t-shirt. She has a white hair and she use glasses.

She is inteligent,ideal grandma.

She admited the very fantastic jokes with your grandson

lucas sozzi n21 7g

Visconde de Sabugosa

Visconde has white face, orange hair and wear a green and tall hat, a glasses and a green coat and a yellow shirt, his pants are green, his personality is Visconde is intelligent.

He's likes science, always read a books and he always does what Emília other.

Rafael e Fernando.

Dona Benta

Dona Benta has grey hair , she´s fat and old.Dona Benta is grandma of narizinho, she takes care to all children in Sítio.She´s so funny and cooks for all in the people who lives there. Use glasses, old fashion (like off fashionist): dresses, and little ponny tails. this is our gradma, DONA BENTA ---- Renata Pignatari De Oliveria N°29 desenho de Renata <-------

Narizinho has short and brown hair and wears a pink dress with red sneakers . She uses a pink hair band

She 's sweet, young , smart and memorable she' s best friend is Emília. She's Dona Benta's granddaugther and she loves to hear her stories. She loves go to adventures with Pedrinho and Emília.

Carolina Levy n°4 7°G

Narizinho - The Girl of Nose Turned-up

Narizinho is the girl of nose turned-up.

Has a short, curly and brown have.

She wears clothes so cutie like a florist dress and a dubgress.

She is funny, smilled, curiose and very friendly.

Thanks for read.
Kisses. Rebecca (nº28) , Raquel (nº27) and Ana Luiza (nº2)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Visconde de Sabugosa

Visconde is talkative corn, he is so thin, long and redhead. He has a medium lenght hair, reddish cheek, a big nose, and a little and orange beard. He is so intelligent, pacient, polite,pensive and nice. Visconde usually wears a green top hat, green pants, a green jacket, a yellow shirt with orange bottoms, gray glasses and brown shoes. Ana Beatriz nº 1 7º G

Dona Benta

Dona Benta is a kind lady. She is very intelligent, alert, sweet, advices and corajous too. She usually wears a long dress with happy colours , and a circle glass. She has straight and white hair , brown eyes an egg white skin and she's short and chubly .She has a medium height and a big and reddish cheek. Giovanna n°14 7°G

Visconde de sabugosa

Visconde is a cob , he's tall, fine and smart.He likes science, biology and chemistry, at last, study is a trademark he.His hair is orange and beautiful, the glasses is yellow, and his top hat is very cool.He likes Emília, but feel fear.



Dona Benta

Dona Benta is usually with Nastacia making various recipies. She gets tired trying to care for grandchildrent. She have white hair ,she wears a dress, is happy and sometimes is tired why go after Pedrinho,Emilia and Narizinho.She live in one big city on Brazil,the sitio is big ,there have lakes.

Vinicius Arasanz Facchin - n°33 - 7ºg


Emília is grumpy, smart, happy, courageous, creative, curious, quick, lawful, gossip,friendly and fabulous. She wears colorful dress, green socks , she has colorful hair and green binding. She's short, young, made of cloth, colorful. She's Narizinho's friend. She´s beautiful and she´s a girl.

Fernanda Naomi N 10 7 ANO G.


Emília has long,orange,yellow and red hair.Her face is yellow,she use a red lipstick and she has big and black eyelash,and her eyes are black. Her cloth is colorfull,and have same colors the her hair. Emília is angry and she has a bad tempered and she is bossy. Emília is a cloth doll.

Giovanni n°15 7°G


Visconde is a corn.

He's crazy,smart, imaginer and lonely.

He has a curly blond hair,he has green eyes.

He wears a green jacket and a green topper.

Sítio do picapau amarelo - Emília

Emília is very curious, dreamer, inteligent and show - off. Tia Nastácia is the one who made the cloth dool, with Narizinho's help. She has short and colorful hair, her body is made by cloth and she has a lot of sardes. her dress is very colorful like her hair and her socks. The little doll tinks that everything that you want to see or have that's just you enter in a imaginary world. She's small and thin too. Gabriel Paiva n°16.

Dona benta

Dona Benta is a very kind , She's very patience with the kids (Pedrinho,Narizinho and Emilia) , She's very pensive beacouse She has to count historys for the kids and She's very affective.Dona Benta has white hair , She's short and a little bit fat.She always wears a long dress , very colourfull, with many frills , she wears round glasses.Dona Benta nows a lot about the history of the world.She likes to tricot. Eduardo and Felipe (Numbers: 6 and 9).

Boneca Emília

Emilia is very stubborn and often angry, she's low, has long color hair , her face is yellow and her mouth is very red . She likes to wear a dress of yellow and orange flowers. She wears sock with colored squares and white shoes.

By:Letícia Sesoko!N°19 7°G

Tia Nastácia- She is chubby and short, she has brown eyes, african hair, and dark skin. She wears an apron over her dress, earrings, shoes. She wears a scarf in the head. She is demanding, angry, brave and a little arrogant.

Maria Carolina nº22

Nathalia nº23


Emília is a speaking dolly.She is agitated, happy, very stubborn, flat, brave and troublemake.She is made of cloth.

She use make-up in the face.She wear a dress made by coloured cloth (yellow and red).She has a coloured hair (red, yellow and orange).She to take one pair of bouts.

Victor Casimiro Gonçalves nº31

Vitor Thomaz da Cruz nº34

Tia Nástácia

Tia Nastácia acompanies Dona Benta and agree with everything she says. She's a black woman wshe cooks for Dona Benta and her grandchildren , Visconde and Emília , a rugdoll created by herself She wears a blue dress with little withe balls in her head she use a handkerchief red and she's short and fat.Her hair is black, gray and curly hair.

Bruna Marques - n°3 - 7°G


Emília is a talkative doll. She is thin and short. She has a colouring hair a red nose and red lips. Besides she has freckels in a red cheek, big eyelashes and a yellow skin. The doll is very intelligent, corajous, obstinate, bossy and a little be jealous and unfriendly. She usually wears a colouring or a flower dress, green socks and colouring pumps. Ana Beatriz nº 1 7º G.

Emília ( The doll )

Emília wears a colorfull dress with frell and shoes with socks. She's very bossy and irritated. She has flechles or her face and large sili. She's short, because she is doll. She's little loose.His hair is very coloring. And she's love play with her friends ( Narisinho, Pedrinho and the guys of the site).

Enzo Tsuruda Osato n°7


About Emilia has a lot to tell but, this text tell some more about this carachter.

Emilia is a very important character . She has a great personality: stubborn, angry, criative, talkative, strict between the time that she are very happy.

Her apparence is strange , her face is yellow, her hair is colorful, and has a little braids in head.

The clothes of Emilia are very colorful. She wears a lot of dress and white shoes.





Pedrinho is mores or fat, has curly hair. He is very curious and cheerful. He loves to be with Visconde. He wears a pink shirt and a green pants with brown shoes. He's typical farm. Pedrinho is tall, has brown hair and eyes. Has a good memory and, very loud and likes adventures. He's love to eat the cooks what aunt Nastácia does everyday. Isabella Nº18